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  • Illustrated playing cards designs

    I still haven’t got the hang of this blogging thing have I? I’m sure I will one of these days! A few weeks ago there was a mega toy fair in my sleepy little town. I normally head to these in hopes of finding a rare doll or something nostalgic from childhood something I expect […]

  • Kakukaku Shikajika an autobiographical manga worth reading

    I read a lot of comics, it’s almost obscene. I can remember reading them as a kid, rushing to newsagent looking for the latest issue of whatever I was reading at the time. I read all genres that perk my interest: Superhero, romance, action, indie. Manga is a form of comic common in Japan. It […]

  • Inspiration Friday 1: Edmund Dulac

    Lately I’ve taken an interest in 1900 European style book illustration. My interest in comic illustration has peaked once again (it comes and goes depending on the decaded) and found a lot of comic artist are inspired by the past. I’ve come across a lot of great children book illustrators and thought it would be […]

  • John Currin

    Lately I’ve been brushing on my art history or art present rather. I dislike the term “art history” or placing art into categories, I believe that all art from any genre as played a significant role. One artist that has been of interest to me lately is John Currin. His work is a bit odd, unsettling […]

  • Donation = get Artwork

    I’m extremely jealous of other people’s drawing talents. So jealous it makes me want to puke or take drawing classes to get as good as these people. For a limited time animator, photographer Tim Rudder is giving away his artworks from a recent exhibition. What’s the catch? You just have to donate some money to his […]

  • Artist Wanted

    | Artists Wanted | In Focus : Pete Eckert (Lo-Speed) from Artists Wanted on Vimeo. The remarkable story of blind visual artist Pete Eckert, a trained sculptor and industrial designer who lost his sight to Retinitis Pigmentosa but refused to give up art.

  • SALA 2010

    The SALA festival is happening again during August. SALA week is a great time to gain inspiration, and to see what other designers as well as artist are up to.  There are some great exhibitions on during this time and here is a small list of what caught my eye from the program: Pros & […]

  • Ghost Patrol

    I don’t get to go out to exhibitions as much these days, so I thought I would post one that I had been to. Ghost Patrol is an artist based in Melbourne. He tells stories through his artwork through different mediums. It was an interesting exhibition and I suggest anyone in Adelaide have a look. […]

  • Kinetic Type

    Leadwire- “What is Search?” from Aaron Blecha on Vimeo. I found this on the DRAWNblog earlier today. It’s a very effective example of kinetic type done by Aaron Blecha. The advertisement is eye catching and really screams at you with capitals. It’s also a good example of how little animation can also be the most […]

  • Australian Edge

    I found another great design site the other day called the Australian Edge. As the name suggest it’s a showcase of Australian artist and designers. There’s some really inspiring artwork on this site. It’s definitely worth checking out if your in Australia. Here’s a link to the site: http://www.australianedge.net