John Currin

JohnCurrin_HoboLately I’ve been brushing on my art history or art present rather. I dislike the term “art history” or placing art into categories, I believe that all art from any genre as played a significant role.

One artist that has been of interest to me lately is John Currin. His work is a bit odd, unsettling and kitsch.

Currin takes influence from a wide range of sources such as fashion magazines, the renaissance and contemporary fashion. However instead of using the conventional vision of beauty, Currin distorts the figure to almost a caricature. Some art critics have mentioned that these distortions are vulgar and sexist but I wouldn’t say so. They are depictions of one man’s view of a highly sexualised advertising industry.

His latest works deal with pornographic themes, taking influence directly from magazines such as playboy and hustler.

Personally I find his works quite beautiful. I believe Currin considers himself “androgynous“. Despite his work being unusual and well weird to some viewers, I also find it challenging sex is not something depicted enough in contemporary art. Even today it can make a user feel uncomfortable but we see it all the time through advertising.  View more of John Currin’s work at the gagosian website








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