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  • Northern Lights and The Parade of Lights at the Adelaide Fringe

    The Parade of lights is on again at the Adelaide Fringe this year. I don’t normally go into the city for the Fringe, since I’m a bit anti crowd but decided to go mid week. It’s worth having a look while it’s on at the Fringe and it’s FREE! The first time I saw the […]

  • Illustrated playing cards designs

    I still haven’t got the hang of this blogging thing have I? I’m sure I will one of these days! A few weeks ago there was a mega toy fair in my sleepy little town. I normally head to these in hopes of finding a rare doll or something nostalgic from childhood something I expect […]

  • Helpful links

    I promised myself that I would get back to proper blogging after I’ve recovered from some big life changes. Turns out blogging can be a lot harder if you feel like you’ve got nothing to say. While I’m trying to find my voice here are a few useful links – 5 Fears that Keep Artists […]

  • The sign writing of Quorn

    A few weeks ago I took off on a road trip across Australia. I intended to go up the Oonandatta track and then spend a few weeks in the Northern Territory. One of the first stops of my road trip was a tiny town outside of Port Augusta called Quorn. The main attraction of Quorn […]

  • Taiwan Travel – what I should have done

    Early last year I decided to go on a massive South East Asian holiday, I traveled to Philippines – Taiwan – Japan. Being half Asian (and unable to speak any other language than English) I could write a book on how awkward it is. One country I definitely enjoyed during my trip is Taiwan, although […]

  • Quotes

    YOU You are the sum of your choices. Your job then is to make sure that your ideas about what to paint are not wholly based upon either the acceptable or the taboo, but arise instead from what honestly fascinates and stirs you. You may feel vulnerable, but I see no way around that. I […]

  • Link Roundup – life drawing

    Edi Udo – http://ediudo.tumblr.com/ and http://ediudo.com/ Rosie Coleman – http://ro-zee.tumblr.com/

  • Kakukaku Shikajika an autobiographical manga worth reading

    I read a lot of comics, it’s almost obscene. I can remember reading them as a kid, rushing to newsagent looking for the latest issue of whatever I was reading at the time. I read all genres that perk my interest: Superhero, romance, action, indie. Manga is a form of comic common in Japan. It […]

  • SkyWhale

    Dark Heart is the title of the 2014 Adelaide Biennial exhibition currently taking place at the Adelaide Art Gallery from March 1st to 11th May. The exhibition features 28 of the leading contemporary artist in Australia today. Some exhibitions were held off site, while others are scattered around the Art Gallery of South Australia. One […]

  • Naoshima, Japan

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