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Since the announcement of the apple ipad there has been a huge argument over what is better HTML5 or Flash. While the ipad has had it’s fair share of bashing it’s not the real issue. Products improve with time and user testing. The ipad is meant for the average user or designer, not a technology nut. Which is where apple have been very successful, in time the ipad will succeed whether it will be through e books or by some other means.

Apple have announced that they will chose not to support flash and since then numerous blogs have popped up arguing for either side of the debate. Examples of these examples can be seen below.

Don’t want Flash

The Flash Blog

While I believe that it’s fantastic people are showing this type of passion, is this really the right argument or discussion? This argument is coming from a coder’s point of view, rather then the consumers point of view. Which is why I believe this argument is invalid.

As a designer the argument over which is better is irrelevant to me. As a coder the argument is relevant, however I am a designer first, coder second. Design should be all about the end user, not what we prefer to use as coders. I believe the real discussion should not be about HTML5 vs Flash but should be about “Rich Media Content”.

As designers we aim to make interaction easier for the end user. Questions we should be asking ourselves should be:

What does the end user want to interact with?

What does the end user want from their media content?

Design and coding should not be we as developers / designers want. It should always be about the end audience, perhaps if we discussed Rich Media Content instead of arguing about HTML5 vs Flash we could grow as better developers / designers.



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