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  • Fundamentals of Design

    Great little video explaining the fundamentals of graphic design.

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    Whether one is a designer, an attorney, a senior chef, a young stage actor, or a practicing physician; there’s a word for professionals who have stopped pursuing an education: obsolete. – Design Professionalism I suggest everyone read design professionalism, from every design discipline (Industrial, Web, Graphic, Product, Instructional)

  • The truth

  • 50 Things

    I have yet to meet a designer or creative who doesn’t feel like a student. I believe the one should always be learning and discovering throughout their career. Although he states it’s for graphic design students I think it can be applied to any career path. Everything mentioned is spot on, however I wonder how…

  • Triangle Manifesto

    Conceptual devices came up with an interesting design manifesto. I happen to agree with most points the manifesto makes. 00_ Design should not be based on formal principles – but always on an idea of society. 01_ Designed forms represent possible social orders and a lot of their contradictions. 02_ Design is everything. Anything could…

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    “When you make something no one hates, no one loves it.” — Tibor Kalman

  • Process Journal

    Another magazine you should add to your design collection is “Process Journal”. Beautifully designed, Process Journal showcases work from Australia and Internationally. It is something worth adding to your magazine collection if you have the money. I’ve gotten a subscription from Mag Nation since I’m a little bit lazy in going out. Process Journal Mag…

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    Design is not primarily supposed to entertain or to be nice or to aesthetically please. It’s supposed to perform. –Oliver Reichenstein

  • The Genius of Design

    There’s a great show on design currently showing on the ABC called “The Genius of Design” The show introduces famous designers from all disciplines including Dieter Rams. What impresses me about this show is the explanation of “Problem Solving”. Like the post before the show explains that design is not decoration but problem solving. As an…

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    Design isn’t about eye-candy. It’s about problem-solving. If your “design” isn’t solving quantifiable issues, then it isn’t design: it’s “decoration.” – Anonymous