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  • Booko

    Originally when I set up this book it was also meant to catalogue tools I may find useful as well as documenting my learning process. Lately I feel that my learning is on a bit of a holiday. If you are like me and love books but don’t always have the budget to buy a […]


    Infographics are a huge trend right now. The growth of infographics on the web is just astounding. I don’t think it’s a bad thing, it’s just another way of simplifying information. Info graphics bring data to life, makes it immersive and entertaining for every user, it improves on the user experience of searching for information […]

  • A good read

    Nice book about the web and browser from the google team. The information is easy to read and very informative. There’s quite a bit of information that is new to me and has given somewhere to start my own knowledge base. What is even more impressive, it’s done in HTML5. Making the HTML5 fans scream […]

  • User Interface Links

    During the last month or so I have found some interesting links for user interface design. I do believe that the best way to test if your design is working is to have user testing. However that doesn’t mean I can’t learn and put into practice some theory. – Bruce Tognazzini’s website. Along with […]

  • HTML5 vs Flash

    Since the announcement of the apple ipad there has been a huge argument over what is better HTML5 or Flash. While the ipad has had it’s fair share of bashing it’s not the real issue. Products improve with time and user testing. The ipad is meant for the average user or designer, not a technology nut. Which […]

  • Kinetic Type

    Leadwire- “What is Search?” from Aaron Blecha on Vimeo. I found this on the DRAWNblog earlier today. It’s a very effective example of kinetic type done by Aaron Blecha. The advertisement is eye catching and really screams at you with capitals. It’s also a good example of how little animation can also be the most […]

  • 10/GUI

    10/GUI is the latest interface making the rounds on the internet A fairly interesting and daring concept from this student, it will be interesting to see if it gets made. Probably not the best solution for everyday users of computers but for full on internet and programmers it’s a dream (from what I’ve heard from […]

  • Uppercase

    I found an interesting magazine the other day. It has some interesting articles and design work from all around the world. I love the front cover of their first issue. For a link to the site: Uppercase

  • Scary Girl by Nathan Jurevicius

    A friend recently introduced me to this site. Nathan Jurevicius is known for his vinyl toys and quirky style of illustration. Each of his characters are unique and are easily recognisable. His site “scary girl” has an arrange of unique characters, all of them can be easily translated into vinyl toys. Scary girl is about […]

  • Andy Rutledge

    I found a fairly interesting site the other day which could be useful for future reference. While the site focuses on the management and design side of web development which is a rarity throughout my research. He goes on about the employability skills as well time management skills. He also shows basic princpals on the […]