User Interface Links

During the last month or so I have found some interesting links for user interface design.

I do believe that the best way to test if your design is working is to have user testing. However that doesn’t mean I can’t learn and put into practice some theory. – Bruce Tognazzini’s website.

Along with Donald Norman and Jakcob Nielsen, Tognazzini is considered one of the fore fathers of user experience. The language for me is a little bit complicated but the information presented is invaluble. I have seen time and time again his theories being tested by other web developers without relaisation they are testing his theories. Tognazzini still presents his ideas and theories to this day to share with other designers and interface developers. Booth.

This site will take some getting use to when navigating. Personally I ignore all post that state “55 best way to……” I feel they are a waste of my time since they hold no real information. Other articles however contain invaluable information about the user interface. I believe this site is worth having a look at. – 52 weeks of UX.

Like 24 Ways, 52 weeks of UX asks designers to contribute their ideas. Although none of the information for me is new (Most has been presented in “Universal principals of design”) it is interesting to read other people’s ideas on theories I have learnt.





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