As a child I remember having trouble reading and writing. My mother was trying to teach me Thai at the same time I was trying to grasp the English language, which is why it took a little longer to than most to master.

It’s little wonder why we take a while to master the Roman alphabet. Some words are very similar take b,d,q,p for example. Very hard to distinguish if you are just learning. Imagine then if you are dyslexic, who have greater trouble reading because the words are constantly mixing up with each other.

Christian Boer a graphic designer who has dyslexia created a type font called “Dyslexie”. The Font emphasises the differences between similar letters of the alphabet, making it easier for dyslexics to read. The results so far have been promising, which is great to hear.

Although I find the typeface to be somewhat unattractive, the concept itself works. This could mean that the idea could be retooled for other typefaces.






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