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  • Fundamentals of Design

    Great little video explaining the fundamentals of graphic design.

  • Typography

    “Words have meaning and type has spirit and the combination is spectacular.” ~ Paula Scher

  • Minimalism – making the maximum impact

    Ready Steady Bang – Hobby Horse from Tom Judd on Vimeo. A neat little advertising video using minimalism to gain maximum interest. The video uses a single character and it’s not till the last scene that you realise what the game is all about. Some would say minimalism is the designers term of taking the…

  • Dyslexie

      As a child I remember having trouble reading and writing. My mother was trying to teach me Thai at the same time I was trying to grasp the English language, which is why it took a little longer to than most to master. It’s little wonder why we take a while to master the…

  • 29 Ways to Stay Creative

    29 WAYS TO STAY CREATIVE from TO-FU on Vimeo. There are more but this isn’t my list.

  • How to get noticed

    QR CODE – Content-rich Resume from Victor petit on Vimeo. Note to self: QR codes are cool

  • What is a UX designer

    Great 1 min 32 sec video explaining what a UX designer is. Have a look: ILUVUXDESIGN from lyle on Vimeo. I also found this great post by Whitney Hess explaining how to become a UX designer. It’s great to know I’m on the right track. My only fear is going back to University since I…

  • I miss Japan

    Yoskay Yamamoto “Intimate Strangers” from Jeremy Asher Lynch on Vimeo. The video above shows why!

  • Why can’t computers be more intuitive?

    This is how everyone feels when dealing with a person who knows nothing about computers…. You all like to think you’re reasonable but let’s face it……boiling points are short. My real question are computers and the internet intuitive? From this video…..No

  • Industrial Design Animation from the 1970’s

    A few weeks ago I found this cartoon from the 1970’s explaining design to the public. The film explains the importance of design and how it improves everyday life. It also explains the pitfalls of bad and impractical design. It’s interesting for me, that the ideas behind design haven’t changed that much since the 1970’s.…