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  • SkyWhale

    Dark Heart is the title of the 2014 Adelaide Biennial exhibition currently taking place at the Adelaide Art Gallery from March 1st to 11th May. The exhibition features 28 of the leading contemporary artist in Australia today. Some exhibitions were held off site, while others are scattered around the Art Gallery of South Australia. One…

  • Naoshima, Japan

  • Ira Glass

    I’ve posted this a few times but really liked the typography on this one.

  • Kleming

    Helpful to know.

  • Just Drive

    Must remember not to give up! Via Link

  • Help Japan

    It’s no secret I have a fondness for Japan. I love how an island is totally devoted to art. The unique process to design, that isn’t seen anywhere else in the world. The production of anime and how it has influenced animation. I was hoping to visit early next year, right now I don’t know…

  • The External World from David OReilly on Vimeo.

  • Quote

    “Being a critic involves pointing out what’s wrong. Giving a critique involves pointing out what can be improved.” Dave Birss

  • ABC3D

    [HTML1] A friend linked me to this book the other day. I have to say it’s quite clever in it’s use of typography. It’s worth having a look if you like pop up books and typography. I found it at the book depoistry for £11 pounds roughtly $21 in Australian. While on the subject of…

  • Willie’s Chocolate Passion

    I just wanted to take a step back from design and concentrate on personalities for a moment. Quite recently I’ve been watching a series online called “Willie’s Wonky Chocolate Factory “. Although the series itself has almost nothing to do with design (unless cooking is considered a form of design, which is but a different…