Help Japan


It’s no secret I have a fondness for Japan. I love how an island is totally devoted to art. The unique process to design, that isn’t seen anywhere else in the world. The production of anime and how it has influenced animation.

I was hoping to visit early next year, right now I don’t know if that will happen. If all goes well with the fukushima crisis it’s more than likely I will.

In the meantime there are plenty of charity movements happening to help Japan such as the Red Cross, Salvation Army or Global animal

If you want something in return for you donation why not bid on a moleskine diary from a pixar artist? You don’t have to worry about outbidding me since its gone past what I could spend ;(

If that doesn’t take you fancy then the above poster nicely designed by Max Erdenberger is available here.

Of course it’s fair to say that the Japanese Tsunami & Earthquake has overshadow other earlier disasters in the world so if you do feel extra generous don’t forget the Victorian floods, Queensland floods + Cyclone Yasi and New Zealand Earthquake.






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