Willie’s Chocolate Passion

I just wanted to take a step back from design and concentrate on personalities for a moment. Quite recently I’ve been watching a series online called “Willie’s Wonky Chocolate Factory “. Although the series itself has almost nothing to do with design (unless cooking is considered a form of design, which is but a different subject altogether), what struck me with this series is Willie Harcourt-Cooze passion about chocolate making.

For my last project (D2-5 My Friend) I was given feedback that it was felt I wasn’t living the project. That there was no passion behind it. While I felt it was the opposite I took that feedback on board. It wasn’t until watching this series did I realise what our assessor is talking about. While I do enjoy eating chocolate, I don’t think I would ever become a passionate chocolate maker. However I believe I could become a more passionate multimedia developer.

There are many people in the world like Willie. An example my facilitator gave me at the beginning of the year is Graeme Base. Graeme Base who was on talking heads eariler this year, admitted to leaving everything behind in order to do what he loves. Much like Willie.

Unlike Willie and Graeme who are passionate about what they do, I would like to find a balance between what I am passionate about and my personal life. While this post has nothing to do with design I hope you can appreciate what passionate people do to follow what they love.






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