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I’ve put these blogs and flickr pages on the side bar. I visit them on a daily basis and I have even signed up for a bloglines since I’m a bit slow at getting RSS feeds. I believe these sites are a great resource and it would be a shame to keep them to myself.


DRAWN! is a great blog for the latest on animation and illustrators. Has a great resource for animators and is a great inspiration for me. I also love looking at what other people are doing around the world. I’ve found a lot of great artist on this site that I would otherwise be unaware of. It also has a great resource of links on illustrators and artist. I believe a lot of aspiring illustrators and artist know about this site.

Rainplace is another great blog for illustrators.

Flight is more a comic site. Flight is an annual comic that comes out every year since 2004. Created by Kazu Kibuishi this series is quite innovated the stories revolve around the theme of “flight”. I have so far collected issues 1 and 2. I’m currently looking for 3 and 4 however I’m sure my local comic shop with have them. I have always been a fan of “art house” (non mainstream) comics. Which also includes Fables. Superheroes don’t really click with me anymore.

Lines and colours is another great site for interface and website design as well as illustrators. I have found many great tips on website design and drawing at this site.

Animation Meat is a great resource for animators. With links to professional animators sites and some nice work sheets on how to draw a character.

Facing Sideways is the personal blog of Chris Bowden an Adelaide based designer. Although it is not updated often it is interesting to get an insight on a local designer and his thoughts. He’s also put some great resources up on Adelaide base design companies.

Flickr Sites

I’m a great fan of Flickr and found some really nice animators and illustrators on this site. Many artist have adopted this site as a mini promotional site. Something the creators of flickr were not expecting at all. However I believe they are worth mentioning.

Nickas is also Adelaide based. I found out about Danica though a friend and was amazed by her work. I have yet to meet her but I’m told she is a lovely person. She currently works at the PRA and is an animator/illustrator. When I was a child I always wanted to be a penciled for a comic book. It’s nice to know that someone can do that. Her work for me is inspiring.

PILAR is a spanish based illustrator and animator. I find her style to be quite unique and appealing.


Although I don’t read a lot of design magazines, I do collect an extensive amount of art and popular culture magazines.

Giant Robot is a popular culture magazine for asian people living in western society. It strongly based on Asian culture. As a half asian, half anglo saxon girl I find this magazine very interesting. It shows artist and illustrators in asia and america.

Photofile is an Australian photography magazine. Contains photograhers from all over Australia. Some of the work is fantastic while others is quite mediorce.



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