Life Drawing

There was no life drawing session last week because of easter and I didn’t have time to photograph my sessions from the previsous weeks sessions. Again I believe I need more practice in drawing the figure. I haven’t been drawing every day but I’m slowly improving.

Andrew - 290312_6

30 second sketches.

Andrew - 290312_7

1 minute sketches.

Andrew - 290312_5

2 minute sketches.

Andrew - 290312_4

5 minute sketches.

Andrew - 290312_3

Andrew - 290312_1

10 minute sketches.

Andrew - 290312_2

20 minute sketch.
I’m getting much better at drawing faces compared to two weeks ago, perhaps it’s the medium I’m using now (charcoal pencil):

Andrew - 230212_6

From the February session. Eyes were a bit weird……

Andrew - 290312_8

1 hour sketch.

As you can see foreshortening was a problem in this drawing. In reality the legs would be coming off the paper, because I was so obsessed with getting the entire figure on the page, well you can see what happened. The top half of him looks in proportion but the bottom half does not.

Another thing a fellow drawer pointed out was tone. He believes I use too much black rather than shades of grey. After reviewing my drawing from previous sessions I can see what he is talking about. I went out on the weekend and got different grades of charcoal pencil. I’m going to the next session on Thursday and hopefully will see some improvement.





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