Life Drawing

Last Thursday, and guess what I did? Come on guess! That’s right I went to life drawing again!

Claire had returned to life drawing this week as a model, there was a good reason why she hadn’t been modelling for so long, she’s 6 months pregnant! A long time ago, when I first started life drawing (and suddenly quit) there was a pregnant model.

Claire - 150312_9

30 Second sketches.

Claire - 150312_8

1 minute sketches.

Claire - 150312_7

Claire - 150312_6

2 minute sketches.

Claire - 150312_5

Claire - 150312_4

Claire - 150312_10

5 minute sketches.

Claire - 150312_3

Claire - 150312_1

This one was done in a hurry after the 1 hour sketch. I got tired of doing it and decided to start drawing Claire’s face. I would have liked to have spent 20 minutes on it. Maybe next time 🙂

10 minute sketches.

Claire - 150312_2

1 hour sketch.

Again I think this one thing I have to work on is speed. I find myself unable to finish drawings within 10 minutes. My aim right now is to be able to draw a properly proportion person in under 20 minutes (including the face). Adding tone is something I can work on later.





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