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I was a bit surprised I decided to go back to life drawing this week. I normally go every fortnight but lately I’ve been feeling the need to improve in drawing. If you are interested in Life Drawing and are in the Port Adelaide area on a Thursday night pop in to Active Art Studios.

I feel like I’ve improved a little on this session. I’ve stuck with charcoal even though I feel the medium is holding me back. There are many reasons why I’m using charcoal instead of pencil or paint. Charcoal is much easier to draw with (for me) than pencil. This time I’ve used compressed charcoal which is a little bit more controlled than willow. My hope is to eventually move on to pencil or conte.

Andrew - 010312_1

30 second sketches.

Andrew - 010312_2

1 minute sketches. I love using colour but I think I may go back to drawing the whole figure in balloons next time.

Andrew - 010312_4

2 minute sketch. The head is pretty small compared to the rest of the body! I’m not great with quick sketches yet!

Andrew - 010312_9

Another 2 minute sketch.

Andrew - 010312_6

5 minute sketches!

Andrew - 010312_8

Another 5 minute sketch. I’ve found myself getting slower as time goes on.
Andrew - 010312_10

10 minute sketches. I was lucky enough to get a professional artist during the session to give some pointers.

Andrew - 010312_3

10 minute sketch. I got a bit frustrated with drawing so decided to block the figure in pink……as you do.

Andrew - 010312_7

1 hour + 5 minutes drawing.

Unlike in previous sessions where I had started a new drawing every 20 minutes I decided to stick with the one for the entire hour. I could see the benefits and frustrations when doing this. The legs are a bit strange, I couldn’t really define where his thigh started and his bottom ended. Obviously I haven’t gotten the hang of foreshortening yet. I was actually pretty happy with this drawing though. One of the other regulars who attend the session said he looked like superman. Which is what I was aiming for.

I feel when drawing I should be quicker than what I am now. Right now I’m just taking my time understanding the figure, but I want to get better at drawing! I decided not to shy away from faces with my drawings. The only way I will get better is by practising every chance I get.





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