Life Drawing

Gosh I’m getting a bit lazy with the Life drawing updates! I’m trying to go every fortnight now, I find myself a bit exhausted with full time work if I go every week! I know it sounds strange but that’s how I feel at the moment.

As per usual here are my drawings from the last session:

Claire - 101111_9

Claire - 101111_8

Short 30 second – 1 minute drawings

Claire - 101111_1

Claire - 101111_10

3 minute drawings, I find mapping out the figure really helps.

Claire - 101111_7

Claire - 101111_6

5 minute drawings, slowly getting the hang of charcoal.

Claire - 101111_5

10 minutes

Claire - 101111_4

15 minutes

Claire - 101111_3

Claire - 101111_2

20 Minute sketches.
I really like the feel and use of charcoal. I feel like I’m slowly getting better at drawing. I’ve been following what Andrew Loomis has written in his book. My art director suggested I work on a bigger paper and with colour such as chalk pastels. I might give that a go.

I also need to work on drawing faces and hands, I’m avoiding them like the black plague. He suggested that I draw nothing but hands and faces in between sessions. I’ve brought a sketch book especially for hands, feet and faces. I’ll post my progess as I go along.





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