Life Drawing

I didn’t go to life drawing last week, due to a sick chook needing attention but fortunately I had forgotten to put up the previous weeks drawings. That week’s model was a girl and quite athletic too. I found her much easier to draw than the previous weeks model.

This time I came prepared with charcoal and A3 paper. Charcoal is a much easier medium to draw with than pencil for first timers. Not all of these drawings I am proud of but I feel it’s important to document my process.

Claire - 271011

30 second drawings. In Andrew Loomis’s book he talks about blocking out the characters movements. I didn’t do it this time but I will for the next session.

Claire - 271011_1

1 minute drawings.

Claire - 271011_2

5 minute drawings

Claire - 271011_4

10 minute drawings, here I tried blocking in the figure before drawing in the outline.

Claire - 271011_3

Another 10 minute drawing this time I went back to pencil.

Claire - 271011_2

15 minute drawings

Claire - 271011_7

15 minute drawing. I tried blocking in shadows with charcoal, I may have to lessen the shadows next time.

Claire - 271011_6

Claire - 271011_5

20 minute drawings, she stayed in the same pose for an hour….ouch!

I found charcoal much easier to work with, and I still need a bit of work on depth and proportions, also hands. So maybe I’ll give hands a go while I’m at home.





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