Life Drawing

There’s only one more session left of life drawing for the year. I like to think I’ve improved quite a bit from when I started life drawing. A long time ago while at art school, I didn’t enjoy life drawing at all. It’s strange that I’m enjoying it so much now!

Tonight’s model was Fecility, she’s also an art student who enjoys life drawing. She has a good feel of what sort of poses we would like.

I would like more 5 minute poses since they seem a lot more interesting.


5 minute pose.



10 minute poses.


20 minute pose.


1 hour pose.
I was acutally quite happy with this one. Another person at the session had given me some new paper to experiment with. It always amazes me how the materials react to different surfaces.

Of course when life drawing stops it doesn’t mean I will. I hope to spend time learning hands and feet and improving I would like to spend the spare time from life drawing learning digital painting.





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