Life Drawing

A teacher in primary school told me once that an eraser should last you a lifetime. I can safely say that teacher has never done life drawing and is wrong.

So far I have gone through 2 erasers from use. If you look closely at the drawings you can see where I’m correcting myself regrading tone and proportion.

It’s nice going back on old drawings and seeing how much I have improved, I still seem to fair better with females rather than males. I find the female form much easier to draw.

Tonight’s model was Emily, someone who was new to life drawing but did some excellent poses.

Emily - 041012_3
20 minute pose. For a changes she was clothed for this one.

Emily - 041012_5

Another 20 min pose.
Emily - 041012_2

A  lot of the positions are held for 20 mins. The group prefers it that way.


Emily - 041012_4

Face study.
Emily - 041012_1

Again I seem to struggle on different paper. I may stick to bond layout or bristol board rather than change to a grain type paper.