Life Drawing

I didn’t find this session as successful as other sessions I’ve been to. I’m not sure if I was having an off day or it was the model. This weeks model is 7 months pregnant making her a bit more difficult to draw for me. Maybe it’s because of comics and media but I have a need to slim them down.

Angela - 181012_2

5 minute drawing.

I felt the need to try and draw without construction lines, it wasn’t a good thing to do.
Angela - 181012_3
20 minute drawing.

I think this is the most successful drawing of the night. I even managed to get the feet right!
Angela - 181012_4

20 minute drawing.

I still have a problem drawing faces from life. I tend to squish the features a fair bit.
Angela - 181012_5

20 minute drawing.

At the end of the night I had a case of foreshortening. I should have moved my position in the room but felt it was something I should work on.
Angela - 181012_6

20 minute drawing.