Since the holidays have been around I have finally managed to read a few books I obtain. I found that the rockport.


The workbooks I’ve collected so far are the logo workbook, typography workbook and color workbook. Each book goes into detail how the subject matter in question works in design and how I as a designer can improve on the subject at hand.

Colour workbook

My current interest at the moment is not only HCI (Human Computer Interaction) but also colour. So it’s not surprise that the colour workbook is getting a workout. Colour design book who is by Adams Morioka, goes into detail about the theory of colour. The book quotes:

In a physical sense, there really is no such thing as color, just light waves of different wavelengths

Scientifically this is true. Colour is not real. The book goes into detail how our eyes are just color perceptors and really we only see in 3 colours: Red, Green and Blue. However that does not mean that the book dismisses the use of colour in design. Instead the book goes into detail about how colour is used in everyday life and how we as people perceive colour.

This book also has quotes from famed colour and constructivist theorist, such as Johannes Itten, Carl Jung and Josef Albers.

Next week I plan to write more about my findings and thoughts about colour.





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