Visceral Response Question 4, Activity 1


I found this site appealing to me. I found the colours soft, the characters simple and the overall effect worked for me. The colours did not over shadow each other, and the site was had a nice style to it.

Mount Franklin


I really didn’t like this site that much. I didn’t find the background or colours appealing to me at all. It was too dark for my liking. I prefer clean lines over rough ones as well. The portfolio work does go with the style of the website however.

Dave Collinson


I felt the site had a bit of a dull factor with me. I didn’t mind the colours or the layout but it didn’t really appeal at all. I think if I had to put it under word it would be “dull”

Cold Hard Flash


I found this site to be distracting. The site just didn’t appeal to me at all. I thought it was busy and the colours didn’t go well together. If I had to put this site under one word it be “busy”

Miss Kika


I found this audi site very appealing. I found the music and colours very appealing. The site works well.







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