Visceral Response Question 3, Activity 1


I believe the table above would appeal to children or adults that act like children. The colour is a bright virbant red which appeals to children’s senses. The shapes are also very simple and very round. For example the cone shape makes the 4 legs and a square makes use as the table top. The shapes are not straight lines which would appeal to adults more. Viscerally children would find this table much more attractive then adults.


Above is an image for Ebel Swiss made watches. This type of product would appeal to a totally different market. This type of watch would more than likely appeal to males, who are earning over $70,000 ayear. The model is attractive and looks to be in her late 20’s / early 30’s. The watch is diamond incrusted and also has sharp lines. Which could identify with the older market. The watch also has a thick band which appeals to males more than females.


The above image was taken from kmarts most recent catalouge (as of 24.02.08). This would prbably viscerally appeal to housewives and people on a middle income. The products are not cheap they are well made, but will probably break down after a year. The items are made to appeal to a wider market.






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