Visceral response – Question 1, Activity 1

Fur Covered Cup, Saucer and Spoon

I was immediately repelled by the cup. It gave me a feeling of something that had been sitting there for while. like an old cup of tea. I felt the piece was designed to shock as well entice viewers.

Although looking at it for a while I then got a sense of warmth and softness. Which I believe the artist was aiming for.

Apollo and Daphne

My response to this was boring but beautiful. I couldn’t find anything that really appealed to me about this piece at all. I keep thinking it was pretty but was there really a point behind it at all?


5 responses to “Visceral response – Question 1, Activity 1”

  1. Ryan Avatar

    Muahaha, I’m so subscribing to your feed Jo. That plate kinda reminds of me the chronicles of Narnia. Tis an Aslan plate!

  2. admin Avatar

    Bleh You do what you want!

  3. Chickpea Avatar

    The sculpture does have meaning. It is a delicate representation of Apollo and Daphne. He is pursuing her and she obviously does not want anything to do with his advances. If you look closely at her arms and feet, they are turning into branches of a laurel tree. As the myth goes, Daphne called upon Zeus to transform her into a tree so that she would be safe from Apollo.

    This is a very famous sculpture by Gian Lorenzo Bernini located in the Galleria Borghese in Rome.

  4. admin Avatar

    Hi thanks for your comments!

    It’s been so long since I did this assignment I forgot to update it! I did do a little research into classical sculpture and found hidden meaning behind it. Although classical art is not my cup of tea I can appreciate the effort and thought that has gone into it.

    Don’t take offence to my comments on this piece, I just didn’t do my homework like I should have 😉

  5. Nieruchomości Poznań Avatar

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