Visceral Response Question 2, Activity 1

Untitled Film Still #255

Image taken from Cindy Sherman’s personal website
Cindy Sherman.
Cindy Sherman is an American photographer and film maker who is known for her conceptual self portraits.

Her works can rely on shock, surprise but also beauty. Depending on what era her works have focused on.

I find her work in some cases to rely on shock such as her “Untitled film still #255” (shown above). I find the image to be quite shocking. Focusing on mannequins and perhaps a person’s sexuality. The image itself gives an uneasy feeling of some impending disaster.

However I find that not all of Sherman’s work is like this.

Untitled Film Still #15

Untitled film still #15 Cindy Sherman

In this film still Sherman focuses more on a serene feel. When I viewed this work I felt a more at ease. Like she was waiting for someone and is at ease with the world. This work also reminds of B-grade films like it was from another world.

Bill Henson


Untitled Image #25

Images taken from Rosly Oxley9 Gallery


Untitled Image #38

Images taken from Rosly Oxley9 Gallery


Untitled Image #14

Images taken from Rosly Oxley9 Gallery

Bill Henson is another photographer based in Australia. The images deal with adolescences.

I find some of his images to be quite disturbing such as Untitled image 25. I also feel that they are very dark and Gothic. I felt uncomfortable looking at Henson’s work for the first time. However I find other images such as Untitled image 24 quite lonely. Which can also be associated with negative feelings. I find it quite serene and wonderful at times.

Marcel Duchamp


L.H.O.O.Q taken from Understanding Duchamp

L.H.O.O.Q is a work by Marcel Duchamp. Duchamp was one of the “fathers” of the DADA movement. L.H.O.OQ stands for “she’s hot in the ass”

Although when it first came out the aim was to shock. I find this piece to actually be quite humorous. The title made me laugh as well the the goatee and mustache on the Mona Lisa. The aim during the time it was created was to shock and upset a lot of political figures in the art world. I believe that it did during the time it was made.

Damien Hirst


In his infinite wisdom. Image taken from The Age.

Damien Hirst is an U.K artist. His work usually deals with death, from butterflies to cows.

I found the work above to be uncomfortable. I wouldn’t want to see it in real life. It brings a sense of terror to the viewer and reminds me of drwoning. Something I know I wouldn’t enjoy. Death is a very uncomfortable subject for anyone, and this image plus Hirt’s work really does shock me.

Brad Bird


Edna Mode Image taken from Pixar

Brad Bird is an animator and character designer for Pixar animations.

His characters are colourful, unique and look nothing like a “real” human should (ref to “The Incredibles”). I find his characters warm, charming and kind. His characters viscerally to me, are funny looking but I can associate them with real humans. I believe this is what he was trying to achieve.







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