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I have a sickness. My sickness is wondering how people tick and what influences actions. Since researching “intuition” in my second year of TAFE I have had a great interest in psychology. Which as led to an interest in UX design. I hope to lead my career in this direction in the next couple of years.

UX combines many disciplines from psychology, graphic & industrial design, sociology, cognitive science and computer science. The idea of User Experience to allow the user to have a positive emotional impact while using the product, whether it’s a web site, game or psychical object. To give the user a positive experience several methods to gain this information. Persona, user testing, sites maps, etc.

User Experience can be closely associated with User Interaction within the confines of web design. In most cases they do overlap.

From my readings on User Experience I do wonder if the name should be changed to “Human Experience”? After all are we not dealing with humans and what they experience?

The journey and challenge for me right now is to gain the knowledge base I need to advance my career.

Recommended blogs:

Recommended books I’ve picked up from blogs and general research:

Of course there are more books and blogs that can be added but I’ve only just started researching UX and interaction design.

I plan to put some reviews up on these books in the near future. Currently I am reading “How we decide” By Jonah Lehrer







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  1. Nick Finck Avatar

    One thing to note here, user interaction the designer (Interaction Designer – IXD) has at least some control over part of the interaction with that user (the interface), while with user experience the designer really has no control over how the user is going to proceeds their experiences with whatever is being designed.

    They use a set of basic principals to help guide the experience for things like the interface (IXD), architecture (IA), usability (usability engineer), content (content strategist), visual design, and more. For this reason UX is not so much a practice but a philosophy.

    The practice of multiple competencies under UX (such as IA, IXD, usability) is sometimes given the title/role of UX Designer (meaning the individual does more than one UX-related role).

    1. admin Avatar

      Hi Nick,

      Thanks for your comment. Like I said I would like to push my career in this area and really appreciate your comment on what to research and where to go from here. I knew there was a difference between IXD and UX but wasn’t really sure how to explain or reasearch it, you’ve really helped clarify it for me.

      So thanks again for your comment. I’ve added your blog to my RSS feeds and look forward to see what you write.

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