The next evolution of the interface?

I was once told “the best interface is no interface” which put me in a dilemma. If there is no interface then how can I design or develop an interface for users to interact with? As a designer we strive to make an interface more simple and easy to use, which is not always an easy feat.

Enter Pranav Mistry who may have come up with a solution to human interaction. Most of his ideas come right out of science fiction novel, think “Minorty Report”. His ideas, I believe could be the next evolution of the interface.

The word interface means to interact with a face and Mistry’s ideas allow the user to become the interface as well as receiving the information they want. It’s allow the user to gain real world data though simple actions.

This project goes to open resource fairly soon so I’ll be interested in having a look.

A link to the TED site (it’s worth looking at the comments too to see what other people think):







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