Target Audience Profile

Target Audience Profile

Geographical Area: Europe

Language: Native language / Multi – Lingual

Country: France

Age: 25 – 27

Sex: Female

Income: High Net Worth

Education: University graduate – higher education

Occupation: Young office worker, entrepreneur, account – works aboard

Relationship: Single

Travel: Well travelled in Europe, works aboard occasionally

Holiday: Takes holidays once a year

Living: Living on own with pet

Transport: Own car and transport

Pets: Small dog or cat

Music: Electronica


  • Thinking about starting a family / marriage
  • Buying a house / savings
  • Career orientated


  • Quite fit – visits gym at least once a week / walks dog
  • Willing to try new fashion trends regardless of cost
  • Spends money on new fashions, makeup
  • Image conscious

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