Women’s Weekly Recipe Cards

When cleaning out the house I found these interesting recipe cards from women’s weekly dating back from the 1970’s. Apart from the timely fade they were still in good condition. It was interesting to note how much food photography and design has change so much in the past 35 years.

Today’s presentation of food is all about appearance where as in the 1970’s in was all about taste. Much more care is put into the presentation,¬†when photographing food¬†today. Even catalogues from supermarkets take extra care in their presentation of food.

The cards from the 1970’s concentrate more on a homestyle feel, rather than an industrial kitchen feel of some recipe books today. Obvisously their target audience would have been readers of the women’s weekly magazine where as today the audience for cook books is much wider.

I’ve tried making a few recipes from these cards and I shall say they have been interesting.