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  • Why can’t computers be more intuitive?

    This is how everyone feels when dealing with a person who knows nothing about computers…. You all like to think you’re reasonable but let’s face it……boiling points are short. My real question are computers and the internet intuitive? From this video…..No

  • Are computers intuitive?

    Early last year I wrote an article on intuition. I went into some detail on what is intuition and how it is used on interface design. I will post the article on this blog at a later date. The other day I was watching “Cloudy with a chance of meatballs” and this clip: Although it…

  • Blue Moose Ltd

    Can’t think of a name for your design company? Then have no fear, the breadline design naming company will do it for you. Though be warned you will probably get a name you don’t like such as Blue Moose Ltd. I was having a look at interfaces that are intuitive and found this site to…