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  • Type

    I thought I would share some of the type I’ve seen around the place. Today I went to a VW show near Tea Tree Plaza, while most people where looking at the uniquely designed cars. I decided to have a look at some type around the place. For a larger image please click on them. […]

  • BMW vs Jaguar Advertisment

    While doing a little bit of independent research I stumbled across this advertisment from the UK: I found this advertisement to be absolutely brillant. They are obvisously playing on the visercal of people. Showing a Jaguar car cowering away and BMW as this big mean nasty car. This would really appeal to an alpha male […]

  • VW Owner’s Manual

    For a larger view of the image please click on it. My partner is collecting old VW items for his collection. I found the front cover of this owner’s manual to be very appealing and thought it was worth scanning in. It’s quite different from an owner’s manual found now.

  • Reflective Response Activity 3 Question 2

    Many car manufactures embrace history with a passion. In most cases with a car it’s about buying the brand with history rather than the car itself. People will still consider the specs of a car but are probably more interested in the brand. Porsche, Lamborghini and Maserati are examples of this. The Porsche 911 is […]