Tag: Advertisments

  • Kinetic Type

    Leadwire- “What is Search?” from Aaron Blecha on Vimeo. I found this on the DRAWNblog earlier today. It’s a very effective example of kinetic type done by Aaron Blecha. The advertisement is eye catching and really screams at you with capitals. It’s also a good example of how little animation can also be the most […]

  • Interactive display

    Design in Crisis from We Love Inc on Vimeo. One of the reasons I decided to get into multimedia is the potential it has for future developments. Interactive design is still in an infant stage and any new development is exciting. Above is an example of interactive display involving the user. I personally find it […]

  • Promotional Product – BMW commericals

    I decided to take a look at BMW commercials from around the world. I used you tube as my resource [HTML5] BMW commercial from Europe. Here they are using sex to sell the BMW 3 series car. It’s not unusual for this to be used in car commercials. I believe the advertisement was aimed at […]

  • Interesting

    For a larger view of the image please click on it. I found this in an old book while cleaning. I thought it was an interesting bit of advertisment and felt it was interesting to share. Incidently it was found in the book “fast food nation“