South Australian Living Artist Festival

SALA festival is to celebrate living artist in Adelaide which happens every year. I do enjoy going to exhibitions on the weekend but I also enjoy the SALA festival for the wide variety of exhibitions held. I think going to exhibitions is a useful part of design. Design is part of art and vice versa. It’s something I picked up while attending art school. I think the major differences are: Art uses emotion to convey a message where as design tries to use emotion and a set formulas to convey the same message.

I also like viewing exhibitions to get some creative ideas flowing. I find these days I’m concentrating more on code and research rather than drawing and experimenting. I would like to find a balance between the two one day.

The festival runs from the 1st of August to the 17th of August.  I’ve already had a look at a few exhibitions but I think these could be the highlight of the festival for me and other design students.

Thong Cycle by Gerry Wedd – I meet Gerry Wedd years ago at an exhibition. I thought he was quite a character and what amazed me as a 17 yr old girl was the fact he worked and designed for MAMBO I thought only super people worked there. I actually think he’s a very good designer. This exhibition accompanies the launch of the tenth SALA monograph and features works that run the gamut from graphics to jewellery making and ceramics. While your there it’s worth having a look at the Margaret Dodd exhibition. @ JamFactory Studio Works Retail Gallery 19 Morphett St ADELAIDE 5000

Mango SALA Salsa – Display of works created by the current and former staff of Mango Chutney Design including poster concepts for SALA. I had a look at this exhibition today and it quite good. It was nice to see the project brief and concepts shown for the SALA poster. It was really no different to what we’re doing now. I think this is an exhibition that everyone who wants to be a designer should see. There is also a craft south exhibition on the level below which is worth seeing as well @ Malcolm Reid Building 2nd floor 187 Rundle St ADELAIDE 5000

I am me – The I Am Me project is the youth based componenet of the 2008 SALA Festival.  People aged from 5 – 21yeras, have contributed small canvases based on the topic of What is important to you? Where am I? What do I Like? and Who do I want to be? This exhibition looks pretty cool I might have a quick look if I make it to Adelaide Goal and Nova eastend

Light Space –  I just saw a few cartoon drawings from this exhibition and thought it could be good. @ The Electric Light Hotel 235 Grenfell St ADELAIDE 5000

I will probably view more than these during the time the festival is on depending where I am and if I have time.

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