Rundle Lantern

I found out about this project a last year but thought it had not gone through cancel. I was a surprisedthat it’s not being made. Adelaide is not really know for it’s architecture triumphs (which is a real shame in my opinion), but that could change with this project.

The Rundle Lantern is designed for the corner of Pultney St and Rundle St. The idea is to liven up the ugly carpark. I think it’s an interesting idea and will be viewing it when it opens. The project was pitch and developed by Fusion an Adelaide design company.  

I was interested to why they were doing this project, since what I’ve learnt in design is nothing is done without a purpose. From the Adelaide council website the purpose was stated:

What is the purpose of the Rundle Lantern?

The purpose of the Rundle Lantern is to invigorate and enliven the intersection of Pulteney Street and Rundle Mall. This is achieved through the delivery of an arresting and unusual architectural form in the daylight hours, which transforms into an illuminated cultural canvas from dusk until midnight. The project was initiated as a response to a recommendation within Adelaide City’s urban master plan to create a convergence point at the described intersection. The vision for the Rundle Lantern was to create an urban design solution that ‘Adds Beauty to People’s Lives’.

For more information on the project can be found on the following links:






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