Redesign of my portfolio website


It’s been a long time coming but I finally feel that I need to redesign my website. My current website was built 3 years ago while I was still at tafe and learning about website design and development.

There are many reasons for a redesign, a few I have considered in the last few months:

  • I have grown as a designer and developer, in other words I have gained more skill
  • My current design philosophy has changed. When developing the site I believed that minimalism was king
  • After playing around with Concrete5 I would like to use a CMS instead of hand coding
  • Doesn’t currently integrate social media
  • Doesn’t showcase my skills in a way that I am happy with
  • The usability of my website could be improved, currently 2 sets of main navigation, then 3 once page is clicked
  • At the time of the design I didn’t plan for the future. i.e what happens with new work? How is it added?
  • Doesn’t take into account analytics
  • Could affect my future employment opportunities

Since I’m working full time and have outside engagements, I obviously won’t be able to work on this as hard as I could as a student. I do plan to post some of my progress each month. I plan to have this finished by early September.

To view my old site please click this link






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