Promotional Product – BMW commericals

I decided to take a look at BMW commercials from around the world. I used you tube as my resource


BMW commercial from Europe. Here they are using sex to sell the BMW 3 series car. It’s not unusual for this to be used in car commercials. I believe the advertisement was aimed at Italy. It’s appealing the visceral of the viewer. Showing how sexy cars can be.


A BMW commercial from japan. Instead of focus sing on the visceral this advertisement focuses on the behavioral of the car. Safety is the big selling point of the car in Japan. The commercial also shows what this car is capable of .


A BMW commercial from America. Here they focus sing on the reflective going through the entire history of BMW in America. They go through the different stages BMW has gone through and what they mean to the average american.

Although all the commercials focus on different things when selling, I feel that there is a few things in common. They are selling a brand and emotion to their buyers.

The brand is BMW and the emotion is happiness.  No matter what country you are from you will be happy and satisfied with this product.


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