Northern Lights and The Parade of Lights at the Adelaide Fringe

The Parade of lights is on again at the Adelaide Fringe this year. I don’t normally go into the city for the Fringe, since I’m a bit anti crowd but decided to go mid week. It’s worth having a look while it’s on at the Fringe and it’s FREE!

The first time I saw the parade of lights was back in 2008 and it was called the “Northern Lights” since it was on North Terrace (love a good pun) which is over 10 years ago. Looking back at the photos I can see technology has improved so much since then.

In 2008 LED light technology was just a funny word and camera phones were a novelty that were tacked onto your state of the art samsung flip phone. The following photos were taken with a Canon IXUS 70. A 7 megapixel camera with face detection technology, pretty standard for the time:










The photos came out quite well for that particular camera and the projection technology that was used during the time.

Compare it to today’s technology in LED lights and phone cameras and there’s a huge difference! It’s now called the Parade of Lights and boast a “Northern Lights” experience near the museum. It’s definitely worth seeing! The camera I am using is actually a phone called google pixel which has somehow become a mini computer in the palm of my hands. The camera is 12.3mp but on top of that it has aperture control settings similar to a DSLR. However I still feel a DSLR camera would give a user much more control over settings then the google pixel.


The images are much brighter and closer to life, all in a small device. Although it just wasn’t the camera that had improved. LED light projection is fantastic these days and computers can handle a lot more then 10 years ago.

I hardly see anyone with a DSLR or camera anymore unless it’s for a specific purpose. I wonder in future will cameras become obsolete much like other analogue media?

I can’t wait to see what this will look like in another 10 years!





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