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Despite being a designer in training I also have a keen interest in science. Since most of my friends come from a science background, I was just the black sheep of the group.

A friend a few years ago introduced me to New Scientist magazine. While I don’t collect it on a weekly basis, I do check the website almost daily and find the technology articles most interesting.

A couple of interesting articles at the moment are:

How cellphones will enhance reality

The article goes into detail  about how mobile phones could be the next step into virtual reality. Since we never quite got there from the 80’s. It’s similar to the article that Ned found called:


Another interesting article is about gaming from microsoft.

Behind Microsft’s full-body gaming interface.

Quite recently at E3 microsoft revealed it’s full body gaming interface called Project Natal. For those who missed the trailer here it is:


The article from new scientist goes into details on how it works and what could be some of the flaws in Project Natal. I will hold my judgement till it comes out and I can afford it 🙂


Is another video from project natal. Showing emotional responses from the player.





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