Make 10: A Journey of Numbers

Make 10

Make 10 is a mathematical game for the nintendo DS. The game is aimed at primary school students who are beginning to learn maths. The game was a big hit in Japan and follows the trends of “Brain Training”. The game is entertaining, colourful and teaches children mathematical equations in the multiples of 10.

The game play uses a cognitive walkthrough technique. The game simply will not advance if the user has not completed the level. This allows the game to follow a pattern that the user will understand.

The game ranks the user a score at the end of the game. Which does not follow constructivist method of education. However the game does lay out all the information before you through the storyline. From observation about the game follows more of the behavourist method of education. As do most of the touch and play games. The game has you repeat the same puzzles many times over till you know what the right answer is. This is perhaps not the best way to learn about maths.

Although this game teaches basic maths to children who are just beginning to learn maths. I wonder how games like these could be applied to more advance mathematical methods? One important aspect of constructivist method is not let the user know they are learning from this game. In essence the game just screams “FUN”

Although I have not started the Gamelearn project yet I felt that this was important research for my project.

For a link to the games website:

Make 10 Nintendo Site


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