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Last week I went to a life drawing session down in Port Adelaide at the Art Active Studios. I have to say it was very frustrating, everything I seem to do end up well crap and clumsy! I honestly felt like I was back where I was in High School in regards to my drawing. So I thought it would be fun to document my improvements and frustrations which is life drawing.

Not that I think it’s a bad thing, it gives me something to go on and improve. The model for this session was male and probably had one of most difficult bodies for a beginner. I had done life drawing classes when I was at Uni but it’s been about 10 years since I last drew anything at all!

Craig - 201011_5

Craig - 201011_4

Craig - 201011_3
I was actually quite happy with the feet, though I still feel like I need more practice.

Craig - 201011_2

The 20 minute poses came out the best I think but still there are improvements that can be made.

Craig - 201011_1

Craig - 201011

Still I can see where some improvements can be made. So where did I go wrong? It didn’t help that I didn’t have the right materials. Having charcoal and paper with some grit would have made all the difference. However the proportions are off by quite a bit. Perhaps mapping it out would have helped. I’m not worried about the smugginess of my drawings at the moment, though I do see some people at the session who do worry about it.

On a side note I picked up a book recently explaining life drawing by Andrew Loomis. It’s quite a good book and I looking at it I can remember some of the fundamentals I learnt back at uni. I hoping to use it more as I get better!

Andrew Loomis





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