Life Drawing

The last life drawing session was actually on the 15th of December but I haven’t got round to posting them till now!

Nadia - 151211_6

We had 30 seconds poses to start off with and a new model I haven’t meet before. Nadia is a fan of difficult to draw poses and foreshortening. I didn’t mind a challenge but didn’t feel as successful as I have in previous sessions.

Nadia - 151211_3

A lot of the shorter drawing times didn’t turn out the way I wanted them to. I guess that’s the nature of drawing, you’ve jumped one hurdle only to be confronted by 100’s of more.

Nadia - 151211_2

Nadia - 151211_1

Nadia - 151211_7

Because the poses were so short, I found myself going back into old habits of avoiding faces and hands. I’ve found in these sessions that some models have positions they are comfortable in, which makes drawing faces and hands easier. Since Nadia was a new model and favoured different positions from other model I found myself falling back into old habits.

Nadia - 151211_8

I decided instead of starting a new drawing every 20 minutes I stuck with the same drawing for the entire hour. It was a success in terms of portion but I found myself fussing. I need to concentrate on how to draw hair but I think I will continue this from now on.

Nadia - 151211

I’ve also recently acquired a new book from Jack Hamm. I’m looking forward to learning more drawing techniques. I’ve also found a neat little website while life drawing sessions are on break which should come in handy!





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