Life Drawing

I’m ashamed to say I haven’t been to a life drawing session in the last two weeks and next week’s session is the last one of the year! I had planned to go last week but felt lazy and decided not to leave the house, that will teach me! Where will I get my practice once it’s over for the year?

Claire - 241111_11

Claire - 241111_7

Some practice with Colour. I believe these were quick 30 second poses.

Claire - 241111_5

The proportions are a bit off on this one, the idea is the better you are the quicker you can map out the body. Unlike the previous weeks I chose not to map out the body, just to see where I was at. Obviously I still need a bit more practice. This was a 3 minute pose.

Claire - 241111_3

I’ve using blocks of black charcoal to show shadow. I know it’s not the most realistic way to show tone but so far I think it’s an effective technique. I’m still understanding how charcoal works. I’ve been a bit surprised by the difference between charcoal, pastel and pencil.

Claire - 241111_10

Claire - 241111_1

I actually had a go at drawing a face for once. Now to just work on hands and feet!.

Claire - 241111_12

The last drawing of the night. To be honest this was the most frustrating drawing of the night! I don’t know why but the longer I spend on a drawing the more I want to perfect it. My aim was to





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