Life Drawing

I see a lot of artwork on the internet and think to myself “How did they get that good?” Recently I tried repainting a doll’s face and failed miserably, and I see people who do paint faces like it’s a second instinct. So what’s the difference? They’ve had lots of practice. First try will never be right, it’s something I have to keep reminding myself when I try something new.

Recently I got a DVD by Jack Bosson from the Gnomon workshop. A lot has been covered in the books I’ve been teaching myself from. However he touches on how to approach foreshortening. He went on about the rhythm of a pose and how we’re gathering information from the figure to tell a story. It was an investment I would suggest for anyone wanting to learn figure drawing. As a result from this DVD I’ve approached the life drawing group to do some shorter poses. Normally we have just a session of 20 minute poses.

I haven’t posted the last few weeks sessions so I thought I would combine them into one post. The first model is Andrew and the second is Felicity. Felicity herself is an artist and does amazing drawings.

Andrew - 011112_1
10 minute drawing.

I still struggle with hands. I remember at tafe a lecturer told me it was impossible for her to draw hands. At the time I thought “What’s so hard? It’s 4 fingers and a thumb….” If I had a hat I would probably eat it now!

Andrew - 011112_2

20 minute drawing

I was trying to take into account Jack Bosson’s idea of telling a story. It’s new way to approach a blank page, which I think I am ready for. Proportions are not a problem for me as it use to be.

5 minute drawing.

I feel like I’m cheating a little bit by just drawing the gesture of the hands and feet. However if I concentrated on just hands and feet for 5 minutes I couldn’t get much else done.


5 minute drawing.

5 minute drawing.

Some poses are easier to tell a story then others.
20 minute drawing.

The angle of the feet are a bit off.


10 minute drawing.

My dream pose of no hands or feet!

20 minute drawing.

Same pose but I got frustrated with the length of the legs that I decided to start again only to have the same problem with the second drawing!