Life Drawing

I don’t have a A3 scanner so I’m finding it a bit hard with the weather to take suitable photos of my life drawings. I’ve changed mediums again. I’m now using charcoal pencil and willow charcoal for the construction lines.

This sessions model was Nadia and I’ve come to love the difficult poses she’s so good at.

Nadia - 050712_1

I’m still working on proportions, as you can see her leg isn’t correct.

Nadia - 050712_6
10 min sketch without construction lines.

Nadia - 050712_4
I’m trying to understand tone and lightning still. Another person explained I should be drawing in the high points and low points. The shading from that.

Nadia - 050712_3
Quick 5 minute drawing.

Nadia - 050712_2
Another 5 minute drawing.

Nadia - 050712_5
15 minute drawing. I’m still having trouble with foreshortening.

Nadia - 050712_8
Nadia - 050712_7

I had trouble with the first drawing so I decided to start again. This time concentrating on a small part of the model. It paid off with detail.