Life Drawing

I decided to go to life drawing this week since there was no model last week. Again we had Nadia as our model and she does love the difficult poses. At the same it’s annoying but also challenging. This week I ended up using Bond layout paper (50gsm) and compressed charcoal pencils. I’m slowly working my way up to other materials. Taking photos of my drawings is getting a little bit harder due to the lack of light during winter.

1 minute drawings.

2 minute drawings.

5 minute drawing. I’m getting quicker at adding details in.

Another 5 minute drawing.

10 minute drawing.

10 minute drawing.

10 minute drawing.


Practice on drawing portraits with a conte stick.¬†Obviously¬†I still need to use construction lines. I’m finding it really difficult without them.


I didn’t like how this one was turning out so I scrapped it and started again.

The last drawing of the night. This one took about 50mins. I got some good advice on tone and what materials to use from the class last week. I’ve been using line to display tone. I’m quite happy with the result of this drawing, apart from the hands!

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