Jakob Nielsen

Earlier this week I found an article on the web designer’s depot on Jakob Nielsen.

Jakob Nielsen along with Donald Norman are considered to be experts within the web usability field.

It’s an interesting article on Jakob Nielsen’s current thoughts on web usability. I found it quite useful and will use it in my future web design developments.

I found the concerns about web usability today quite interesting. When Jakob Nielsen started out, it was in the days of 28.8kbps. I believe because we are in the age of ADSL people are less likely to hang around for a response on a webpage. I tend to think of it like art you have 30 seconds to impress someone, the time is cut down to 1 second with web design.

I suggested people read this article and frequently visit his site to gain more hints on web usability.

Donald Norman’s books Emotional Design and The Design of Everyday things are a good read. I suggest anyone planning on getting into design to have a read of them.

For a link to the article:

Web Designer Depot Interview with Jakob Nielsen

And Jakob Neilsen’s site:

Jakob Neilsen’s site

And Donald Norman’s site:

Donald Norman


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