It’s all about learning!

Recently at my workplace I had created a facebook fan page. Not many people know this but farmers do like to use social media to communicate, farmers happen to be the target audience. Social media is a powerful tool that we could use for feedback on our products and understand what our customers want.

When the page was set up we (the company) wanted to get into social media. I didn’t feel we had a direction in place apart from promoting the products in hopes of increasing sales. I believe the original goal was to promote our brand to the rural community but it was clear it was not working. After a month of setting up the page and seeing how it worked a direction direction was needed.

One of the main reasons heading in a different direction: the type of people attracted to the page. Most were dealers, employees, farmhands or foreign owners of our products. Not really the target audience that had been aimed for.

After showing the page to the marketing manager, we’ve decided to approach the page from a more personal perspective. Before we were just promoting our products, it hadn’t occurred to us that potential customers would go to our website to find out more information about our products. Facebook is not a marketing tool to sale products.

We had a long conversation about the page it occurred to us that the more interesting “post” are the ones that are more personal. As an example we liked the post about farmers coming to the factory for a tour. We also liked the post about a machine being delivered to a customer in South Australia.

It was decided to make the facebook page more personal rather than corporate. People who “like” page are more than likely to own one of the companies products. So what do they want to hear? What do they want to see?

So what have I learnt?

  • Like everything social media is a constant learning process
  • Consider who the target audience is for that media, the youtube channel will have to be more practical than personal. Since we wish to use that as a selling tool.
  • Collabration is key, when you have a problem
  • Consider what we wanted “the voice” of the company to be
  • The target audience can change from your original objective but that’s ok.







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