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I haven’t posted in a while due to holidays and fun times away from the computer! However I’m back now and I have a lot of post and work to catch up on ^_^’

Pupa Cosmetics is an Italian based company. I’m normally not the type of person who likes cosmetics, I think I can count on one hand how many times I have worn cosmetics. However I find that I am now buying Pupa cosmetics just for the packaging. So their cosmetics are appealing to my visceral senses. I find their designs very unusual for cosmetics, I am comparing this to other cosmetic companies such as Christian Dior, Maybaline and Remmel. Here are just a few of their designs for cosmetic kits:

This design is based on the popular Russian doll ” Matryoshka” or Babushka doll. The design is quite clever by opening one it leads to another makeup kit. I believe this kit is aiming for collectors of their makeup and young women in their 20’s to 30’s.

Another great design from pupa. The design itself is clever and appeals to young women. They also have a very european feel about them. They borrow designs from european fables and legends. Below are a few more packaging designs from pupa.




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  1. Pantee Farhangi Avatar
    Pantee Farhangi

    Wow, these beauty kits are really cool looking although I do not wear makeups either ~_^

    PS. Gosh, this security code is really hard to read and requires lots of eye struggling XD

    PS.2 I had to save the code to read it and it was showing totally different from what is shown here! Is it browser based (I am using firefox at the moment)?

  2. admin Avatar

    I’ll have a look into it regarding your PS :). I normally use explorer for wordpress since firefox has a heartattack when I publish.

    Sorry about the sercuirty filter it’s only to stop spam comments. UGH! I was getting like 4 day at one point! I’ll try and find another plugin 🙂

  3. Michelle Avatar

    I love the russian doll make up kit!! However you cannot buy it here in Australia :.( I have contacted the company and they cannot help me :.( My daughter would absolutely love this make up kit, its such a shame we cant get it.. The design is so unique and clever, matched with the red colour perfect…Not sure about the quality of the make up though but with such cute packaging like you said you could buy it just for the design..

  4. admin Avatar

    Michelle, I found you could buy them online but it would cost an arm and a leg just to get it here 🙁

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