Inspiration Friday – Doyald Young

Decided who you are, decided what you want to do, and then do it because it is surely possible

– Doyald Young

Lovely documentry about Doyald Young from

….letters we look at today are the same letters we looked at 500 years ago.

I recently came across Doyald Young a little while ago. I had heard about his passing and was curious about his contribution to typefaces and logotypes. I don’t know too much about logo and type designers, they seem to be the silent heroes of the design and marketing world. Some of his typeface included Home Run, Young Baroque and Eclat one of my favourite typefaces.

His clients were far ranging proving that his talents appealed to everyone from the general public to niche markets. Some clients included: Frank Sinatra, John Deere, Hilton Hotels, Disney. From what I’ve seen and read he careful attention to detail and had a strong work ethic which shows in his work.

Doyald Young understood the needs of his clients and making something unique only to them. He had respect for them and his own craft, something that was noticed among his peers in the design community.

I plan to buy a copy of his book Logotype and Letterforms to understand typography and it’s importance to the design world.

Doyald Young’s Website